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Prices and tickets

The Passiflorahoeve will be open from May 21st until October 1st 2022. Open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 5.00pm. Closed on Sundays.

Our prices are

  • Child (under 4 years) free
  • Child (4 – 10 years) € 7.00
  • Adult (Aged 10+) € 10.00
  • Free parking
  • Individual Adult Annual member(4 months) € 32.50


The Passiflorahoeve
Oud Willigerweg 1
6732 GB Harskamp
The Netherlands

Indoor and outdoor flower gardens and butterfly habitats

The Passiflorahoeve is a therapy farm the size of 1.6 hectares, full of butterflies and exotic plants. Here you can find 5 stunning and very unique butterfly gardens, situated around an ancient Dutch farm built in typical Veluwe style. Besides butterflies from all over the world in all stages of development we grow a large collection of Passion Flowers or Passiflorae, Fuchsias, Hibiscuses, Dahlias, Irisses, Lilies and various other unusual pot plants. The variety and size of the whole enterprise is unique in the world. The Passiflorahoeve is a delight for anyone who enjoys gardens and butterflies.

5 Butterfly gardens

Welcome to our butterfly gardens which offer a unique opportunity for people of all ages to experience the beauty and curiosity of butterflies in different habitats. Thousands of tropical and European butterflies (up to 90 species) can be admired in our tropical jungle, in our tropical and European hatcheries and in the European in- and outdoor gardens. If you are lucky you can see (up close!) a butterfly hatching from a chrysalis. In one of the European gardens you can find 5 different habitats under one roof: amongst them a swamp, heathland and a mountain like area.

To attract butterflies to our garden and keep them there, we must provide both larval plants (host plants) for caterpillars and nectar sources for the adult butterflies they become. The outdoor garden is like a lush meadow with many wildflowers for both butterflies and other pollinators. Some favorite nectar and food sources which you will see growing here just for the butterflies are “weeds” to most people. See if you can spot Pink Mist Pincushion flower (Scabiosa Pink Mist), Stingy Nettle (Urtica dioica), the humble Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and many more!

Butterfly museum

In our museum you will find a large collection of preserved butterflies and some other insects from all over the world!

Walking route

The Passiflorahoeve has designed a walking route through the outdoor gardens as well as through the greenhouses; to make sure you don’t miss out on anything we have to offer. Along the route we have placed information points giving you fun facts about the area you find yourself in. The route is 800 meters long! It is worth planning on spending a few hours to look at all the marvels at leisure. This way you will get to know the Passiflorahoeve in a day.

Although… is one day really enough to get to know this complex world of butterflies, eggs, caterpillars, host plants and flower species with their different life cycles? Why not buy an annual pass so that you can revisit us throughout the season…!

Screening Room

In the screening room you can see a presentation, showing you something about the farm’s daily operation. The film gives an insight into the process of caring for the butterflies, the various collections of plants and other things the therapy farm has to offer.

Lunch and Tea rooms

The lunch room offers a modest all-day menu for those who want a small bite to eat. You can enjoy a soft drink, coffee or tea, with or without cake, a toasty, or choose from our selection of “farm” ice-creams. A yummy bite on the side, before, during or after your garden stroll. We offer group coffees or lunches as well! Weather permitting you can relax on our patio’s which are covered by pergolas and surrounded by the beautiful outdoor gardens.

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The Passiflorahoeve is wheelchair accessible in all areas.

Dogs are not allowed, so we take care of our butterflies safety. We make an exception for assistance dog.