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De Passiflorahoeve – Butterfly Garden in Harskamp

A full day out

By us in the five different butterfly gardens you get many experiences! You are surrounded by beauty. A day Passiflorahoeve is a day of wonder.
“The Passiflorahoeve ‘is a very special attraction in Harskamp, in the Veluwe. It is a garden with many species of butterflies and plants that you do not just come from anywhere in a garden center. We are also a healthcare farm. Here are people with mental request for help, mental or physical disability to work in a relaxed way. What makes this farm unique, her large collection of Passiflora and Aristolochia and its European and Tropical butterfly gardens with its own butterfly nursery.


The butterflies

In the butterfly gardens flying many species of tropical and European butterflies. You will also find butterfly eggs, caterpillars and cocoons. With a little luck you will see a butterfly emerging from a pupa/ cocoon.

Since 2012, we are a zoo because we have more than seven different kinds of animals (butterflies). Our 5 different Butterfly Gardens constitute the most extensive butterfly garden of Europe. They are together to 2,500 m2. large. On an annual basis we grow about 100 different species of butterflies.


The Plants

‘’The Passiflorahoeve’’ manages two important plant collections, the Passiflora and Aristolochia. The plants are based on strict selection criteria contained in the National Plant Collection, a major label. Responsible for this is the National Plant Collection Foundation (SNP). The SNP is a member of the Dutch Museum Association. National plant collections are known as “living museums”


By us you will find more than 400 different Passiflora, over 120 species of Aristolochia, 300 Fuchsia and 100 hibiscus. In addition, you can enjoy dozens of other pot plant species. By the tropical butterfly nursery you should especially not miss the Orchids Wall and Passiflora that are to bloom in pots here! also especially take some time for the subtropical courtyard. Besides the fact that there are the most beautiful plants its very nicely laid out. There are many vistas and paths to yet another beautiful part of the garden.



16.000 m2 enjoy watching!

There is a route which takes you in all the gardens and let you miss anything. This route is ultimately a nice walk of 800 meters. In between you will find several moments to rest. So enjoy for many hours. >>Click for larger image

Plattegrond + legenda

We offer special butterflies, caterpillars, plants and relaxation ….

The Passiflorahoeve is 16,000 m2. You can walk and watch for hours.

And is very suitable for children, groups and disabled people.

More than a butterfly garden

The Passiflorahoeve in Harskamp is more than just a butterfly garden. It’s the most extensive butterfly garden of Europe. you’ll find here five species of butterfly gardens, butterfly greenhouses are jointly to 2,500 m2 That’s just very special because it means that you can see the total transformation from egg till butterfly. We grow here European and Tropical butterflies. And we are pleased to show this entire process to our guest from young to old.


The Healthcare Farm

We are a seasonal business. Only four months a year round for individuals and groups. The doors are open from June till October daily (excl Sunday) from 10:00 to 16:00. From 16:00 no more ticket sales. But should the people who are inside, still continue to walk around. However, this does not mean that we are closed eight months a year, on the contrary.

Throughout the year we breed butterflies and plants. These all need to stay warm, so they are placed with great care inside by us, our volunteers and clients of the healthcare farm



For groups, we can book a month earlier by appointment every year. You can book a tour, coffee with cake, lunch or a delicious buffet… We also have a presentation film in the screening room which takes about 30 minutes. Here you can sit down together to learn more about our healthcare farm.


Work by us on the Passiflorahoeve is never done. This requires passion and perseverance. Give the Healthcare farm a helping hand or support? See the possibilities.