Arrangements for groups

Coffee table for groups

The coffee table is served in the ‘Tacsonia hall’.

For small groups up to 40 people, you can also use the ‘Papillon hall’.

Per person we serve:

  • Several balls
  • Various spreads
  • Fresh homemade soup
  • 1 drink (with a choice of tea, coffee, milk and soft drinks)

The coffee table is from € 9.75 p.p.


In our very special, with tropical plants draped lunchroom, is among others, the following available:

  • Various types of coffee
  • Soda
  • Tea with a choice of different flavors
  • Homemade cake
  • Cake or almond cake
  • Tosti
  • Buns
  • Fresh homemade soup
  • Farm made ice cream (no added coloring and flavors)

We also can take into consideration a gluten-free diet or other requirements. Please indicate this in advance.

Buffets for groups

The Passiflorahoeve offers a variety of cold and hot buffets.

Please contact us for the possibilities.


Het werk bij ons op de Passiflorahoeve is nooit klaar. Dat vergt passie en doorzettingsvermogen.