About Us

About Piet and Heintje Moerman, the managers and owners of the Passiflorahoeve

The Passiflorahoeven is located at an old Veluwe farmhouse on a site of 1.6 hectares or 16,000 m2. This is the home of Piet and Heintje Moerman since 1983. They have four children who grew up there.

Piet and his wife Heintje manage the Passiflorahoeve. Piet earned a living as plumber and Heintje as a housewife and mother.

1989: Piet started as a hobby to collect fuchsias and passiflora’s shortly thereafter.

1996: Piet was psychlogically very ill, which resultat in giving less attention to the plants.
In 1999 he finally found a therapist which fortunately helpt Piet with his recovery.

Care farm
2001: Piet decided along with Heintje to set up a care farm and to help people with mental illness. They decided to build a big greenhouse where thay could put some plants in and also for the day care for the futer clients.

2001: A tunnel greenhouse was build for the more tropical plants. This was done so that the plants can be semi-outside but at the same time are protected in the summer against the Ducht climate and unwanted pests. In winter, everyting must be back inside in the tropical greenhouse.

2002: In a temporary greenhouse started with tropical butterflies.

2003: The care farm has offically been opend for people working with butterflies and plants.

2004: The Passiflorahoeve was awarded the ‘National Collection Passiflora‘ from the SNP (National Plant Collection Foundation). A crown on our hard work.

2005: Start with the realisation of the large greenhouse.

2006: The large greenhouse was finished and the whole was officially opened by Mayour of the Municipality Robbertsen Ede. The label ‘National Collection Aristolochia‘ was received by the SNP.

2007: We have built a butterfly aviary to begin with European butterflies.

2009: As the only in Europe started a Tropical butterfly nursery.

2010: A European butterfly nursery as well as a presentation area for 60 people was built.

2012: The Passiflorahoeve has also become a zoo.

2013: Realization of office, canteen and meeting space for our clients.

2014: We have emptied a piece of greenhouse where in summer a group of people can be received. A total of 150 people can sit inside and there are 70 more seats on the terrace. In addition a playground for children was built.

Thanks to the clients and many volunteers, donors and companies we were able to realize this.

2015: Butterfly and the outdoor garden for insects was laid out. These and the other butterfly gardens were jointly opened officially on Friday, May 29th, in presence of mr. CG van der Staaij, Leader of the SGP. There were also 4 Steiger wooden bench revealed. On it there are the names of volunteers involved from the start in the construction of the Passiflorahoeve.

Since the spring of 2015 Piet provides therapy were you can go for treatment.